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Whether you’ve just launched a new podcast or are trying to increase listeners for your current podcast, Instagram is a tool that not enough podcast hosts are tapping into today. Thanks to Instagram, you’ll be able to connect with a wider audience who are interested in the topic of your podcast. At PM Marketing, we know the benefits that Instagram can offer podcast hosts, so today we’re going to share the best ways to promote your podcast on Instagram.

Create a Separate Account for Your Podcast

If your podcast is part of your brand, consider adding a separate account purely for your podcast. From there, you can create a bio that matches the tone of your podcast. Instead of hiding your podcast within a larger brand, you’ll be able to offer followers the chance to stream your podcast with the click of a button from your profile. Once your profile is set up, link your Instagram account with your podcast’s website, which will allow two-way traffic and more interaction on your new account. Each time you release a new podcast episode, add this to your bio so your followers can head straight to the new episode and tune in.

Share Audio on Your Stories and Posts

If you want to give your listeners an idea of what they are tuning into on your show, add audio snippets from each episode to your Instagram stories to promote its release. Pick out a few of the gems that your guest that week shared and create 5 or 10-second clips which drop some of the best pieces of information or quotes from the episode. You can then upload these with your podcast logo or your episode info to the story, which will encourage followers to continue listening to the episode in full. Audio can also be added to your posts today, which offers a more interactive post than just a simple image.

Quotes From Your Guests

When working with social media management teams such as Perpetual Motion Marketing, we can work to create unique and personalized images to share on your feed. When it comes to podcasters, we recommend creating quotes to post to your feed with words of wisdom from your most recent episodes. People today love to share positive and motivational quotes, and when these get picked up and reshared online, it can help with your Instagram growth. If you don’t feel confident enough about creating these yourself, use a content manager who can create images for you. By finding a simple template that is in line with your brand’s aesthetic, you’ll be able to use these as a staple part of your regular content lineup.

Create a Story Highlight for Your Podcast Episodes 

After making and posting stories each week, you can save them to a highlight reel. This will allow anyone who’s new to your account to take a look back at your most recent episodes and the great guests you’ve had on your podcast in recent weeks. This is a great way to increase the number of listeners for each episode and build a dedicated audience. These highlights could also include information about your guests and quotes from your conversations, which will offer your listeners more information about what your show has to offer.

Curate Your Feed

While podcasting is an audio medium, we encourage you to think about the visual aesthetic of your brand. You probably already have a certain look and feel you are going for on your website, so try to make your social media account consistent with this. Plan out your Instagram posts in advance to ensure you’ll have a cohesive visual aesthetic for the next few weeks or months. Stick to using a specific filter or two and using a similar color scheme in each image for best results. Don’t put up images in a rush just to find they stick out like a sore thumb a couple of weeks down the line.

Build a Community

One of the main reasons to use Instagram as a podcaster is to build a community. As podcasting can be quite a lonely profession, it can sometimes feel hard to create that personal connection with your listeners. Nurture your community by replying to comments you receive, answering DMs, and reposting content your listeners share about your podcast. This will help you to create a loyal community that will stay with you for years to come. The more you engage with your followers, the more likely they will spread the word about your podcast on Instagram, which will naturally increase the number of listeners you receive each episode.

Follow Others

Instagram is known for its community feel within certain niches, so try to use the site to network. You may find your next great podcast guest on Instagram or another podcaster you can collaborate with in the future. Don’t treat other podcasters as competition, and instead, know you have something great to offer the world too. At PM Marketing, we know the value of a share or comment from a popular podcaster, who could repost something you’ve shared and give you thousands of new followers in no time at all. Engage with other podcasters by resharing their content and commenting on anything relevant they share on their feed.

Instagram is an excellent tool for promoting podcasts, and if you aren’t using it already, you’ll want to go and sign up immediately. As well as following all of these tips above, you can also consider eventually using influencers or ads to promote your podcast further. Instagram is a great way to organically grow your audience and reach new listeners, and it’s one of the top tools that people today use to find new media to consume. Here at Perpetual Motion Marketing, we can work with you to showcase your podcast online via Instagram. Working with a social media manager can help you increase your following without any prior knowledge of Instagram, and we’ll guide you on this journey to reach thousands more listeners each month.

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