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How TikTok is Changing Social Media



With more time on our hands in the past year, TikTok has become increasingly popular throughout the world. The rise of TikTok has already begun to change social media, and you can already see its influence on other platforms, with the introduction of features such as Instagram Reels. At PM Marketing, we are noticing an increase in the number of queries asking for our social media management team to help with TikTok content. Let’s look at how TikTok is changing social media and how your brand can use it moving forward.

Short but Effective Content

TikTok started back in September 2016 as an app that allowed users to create 15-second videos with music clips. It was rebranded the following year and began growing in popularity around the world. One of the reasons that TikTok has become so popular, especially with the younger age group, is that it creates short but fun content unlike that which is seen elsewhere. A lot of the focus on TikTok is on memes, dancing, and entertainment, which anyone in the world can create and upload. It’s encouraging users of all ages to step into the spotlight, thanks to its easy-to-use interface. The type of content that was once only shared on TikTok is now infiltrating Facebook and Instagram, and Instagram Reels was launched in competition with the platform and encourages users to post their short videos there as well.

Brand Partnerships

When you think of Instagram growth, one of the most common reasons for putting effort into this is to promote products and services online. TikTok is now becoming another powerful platform for influencers and product ads. TikTok is even becoming part of the mainstream shopping experience in China, with products advertised as “seen on TikTok” to attract a wider audience. TikTok shows that almost anyone in the world can become an online personality and start promoting a brand or product through their account. Users quickly amass millions of views, thanks to the ease of browsing the app. We all know how easy it is to get sucked into watching hours of videos before bed, which has helped make unknown individuals superstars almost overnight. Brands can then tap into these online influencers to spread the word about their products with fun and captivating video content.

Easy to Find and Browse Content

In comparison to Facebook, in particular, it’s much easier to browse content on TikTok. Thanks to the algorithms used on the app, absolutely anyone can find your content. Even if you have a particularly niche business, you’ll likely find related content on TikTok, which you can use to help promote your business. While the popular influencers on Instagram often focus on very mainstream interests, TikTok is far more inclusive in this manner, encouraging everyone to show off their passions and interests. It’s easy to find a community of like-minded individuals on TikTok, and you learn more about their personalities through the video content that’s created.

A Glimpse Into Real Life

One of the biggest concerns for individuals working with a social media manager or content manager is creating content that looks perfect for their feed. TikTok embraces imperfection, and the content on the site is so much more reflective of real-life than other social media platforms. Thanks to the popularity of memes and funny content on the site, users are encouraged to show their true personalities. TikTok content doesn’t involve the hours of preparation and perfect staging that many influencers rely on to create their Instagram content. This can be a great thing for businesses who are worried about creating high-quality videos online, and it encourages users to just go for it and have fun with the content creation process.

TikTok Challenges

TikTok challenges are such a fun way to engage with your followers, and it’s so easy for a good challenge to go viral almost overnight. If you are a brand looking to showcase your services, why not consider sponsoring a TikTok challenge? With the right concept, you’ll reach millions of TikTok users, and your content will be reshared on other platforms too. Create a catchy hashtag to use alongside it, and then a short but fun challenge everyone will want to get involved with. This could be a short dance, a workout challenge, or a fun trick to try. TikTok challenges are a unique part of the platform and something that’s yet to spread to other platforms in the same manner. It’s a great way to create a sense of community and share your passion for a sport or hobby online.

Connecting with a Global Audience

While all social media platforms aim to connect the world, TikTok has succeeded more than anyone in this manner. Individuals find it really easy to find other content creators and individuals who share the same interests as them, making our world feel smaller than ever. Especially during the recent pandemic, TikTok has helped to unite the world more than any other platform. Thanks to the use of video content, uploads can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of where they are located and what language they speak. The past year has been an incredibly lonely and challenging time for so many individuals, but TikTok has helped many people find an online community that’s helped them through even the hardest days in the past year.

TikTok is a fun and exciting social media platform that we encourage everyone to start using, whether that’s for personal or business use. Here at Perpetual Motion Marketing, we can discuss with you how TikTok could help your business to reach a wider audience this year. Regardless of the business sector you’re operating in, you’ll find you can connect with a wide or niche audience on the platform. The interface is so easy to get started on, and our social media management team can help you build a following on TikTok in no time at all. Contact us today for more information about how TikTok can take your business to the next level this year.

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