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7 Ways To Manage Social Media Like A Pro

Keaton Nelson

Keaton Nelson


Designing graphics for your content can be a bit intimidating… especially if you are attempting to use a complex and expensive program. Something that would take an hour or more to do on another software program can easily be done with a few clicks on Canva



Canva takes all of the best and most useful features of those other programs and puts them in places that are easy to find/use when you need them the most. Canva is basically Apple of the graphic design world.


One of the biggest challenges content creators face is trying to think of ideas for content. It is the number 1 reason content never gets created in the first place. Don’t worry. There is a simple solution. Take larger pieces of content and make them smaller. This blog post will turn into months, if not years of content.

Here are a few ways I am going to
break it down:
  • Use Canva to make a graphic with the title “7 Ways To Manage Your Social Media Like A Pro” and list the 7 ways in the caption and tell people to follow me for more posts explaining each way in more detail.
  • Make a 9 slide carousel post with the title as the first slide and each of the 7 main points as the following slides and have the 9th slide as a CTA.
  • Look through this blog and find as many 1 sentence quotes that I can and turn them into a cliche quote graphic using canva.
  • Take each main point and turn them into carousel posts that go into more detail.
  • Make a series of story posts explaining the seven ways to manage social media like a pro.
  • Read this blog and record a video of me doing it and post it to social media.

You can even look through your website and find tons of things you can turn into content.


Whether you’re designing a graphic or writing a caption, do yourself and your audience a favor and make it simple and easy to digest. I promise you, no one wants to spend 30 mins reading your caption or trying to read all the text you put in your graphic. Don’t over complicate the process.

K. I .S.S.

Sometimes the best graphics have two elements or are an unedited photo or video.
Sometimes the best captions are one sentence or even one word/emoji.


There are really only 2 reasons people are on social media; for enjoyment and to be social/see what their friends and family are up to. I know this is hard to believe but people are not on social media to buy your product or service. I suggest you save the selling for your website and sales calls.

Instead try post content that is enjoyable and easy to consume. I always use this question to test if my content should be posted or not: Will this make someone want to push the follow or unfollow button? I know what you are going
to say… “I am in business to make money, not friends. What is the point of posting to social media if it isn’t to make a sale?”
It is to engage and grow a community around your business and if someone is interested in your product or services there is a link in your bio where people can give you money in exchange for your product or service if they decide to. One way to make sure that no one taps that link is to post content that is going to make people want to unfollow you.


Graphic Creation

Creating 3 graphics can take less than 10 mins on Canva if you “keep it simple.”

Captions and Hashtags

In another sitting write a caption for each of those graphics.

Schedule it and Forget it

Sign up for Later or another content scheduling app and schedule your content ahead of time so it doesn’t interrupt your workflow while running your business. It is either free or very inexpensive. Here is a little insight as to how we do it:
At PM Marketing we make all of our clients’ graphics on Tuesdays, write the captions on Wednesdays, and schedule them for the following Monday – Sunday on Thursdays.


People are bombarded from every angle with content, advertisements, and scams.
People have been conditioned to have an incredible eye for bullshit.
Don’t try to be someone you are not. I promise you will not fool anyone.
Authenticity always generates more likes, follows, and comments.



Do you think any company would pay us to manage their social media if we only posted when we felt like it? This blog is about managing your social media like a pro and a pro is always consistent. Consistent action over time
creates incredible results. My suggestion is to make a decision and commit to it. If you are going to post 3 times a week. Make sure you actually do it every week. It will pay off.


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